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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tempered With a Bit of Rain

Today's Quote on the Relax Consulting website ( is: "I'd rather be wistful and poetic than sleek or gorgeous any day!" ~Crystal Here's where this quote came from, and for those of you are wistful, poetic, sleek, AND gorgeous...WOW! (I hope you're nice too) You've really got it going on! For the rest of us, it would seem that society prefer us to be sleek and gorgeous instead of wistful and poetic. If you disagree, let me know the last time Oprah or Maya Angelou appeared on the cover of Payboy, Cosmopolitan, or Vogue.

Here's why I chose wistful - it means to be thoughtful and wishful with a touch of sorrow. The touch of sorrow is important - how you can you be joyful if you don't know sorrow? We couldn't have Easter morning without Good Friday, could we? (and for those of you who follow the universe - you couldn't have Earth and the lovely planets/stars without the explosion that cause it...if I understand all that correctly...could you?) To be joyful all the time would be ignorant - I like the thought of being wistful instead. You are motivated, joyful, with just a touch of thoughtful sorrow. have words that flow, words that are carefully chosen, and words that are a melody to the ears and souls of others...yup, that's what I want!

Maybe it's because I'm not sleek and gorgeous - or maybe it's because I've been to too many nursing homes and funerals and I know that sleek turns into sag and gorgeous turns into gray hair and honestly, isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Poetic words will touch ones soul and live on forever - looks will fade - and with that...

I wish for you dear friends that your paths are abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, and sunshine...but tempered with a bit of rain to make the flowers grow!


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