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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are You Can't-ing Yourself to Failure?

Are You Can’t-ing Yourself to Failure?
Are you can’t-ing yourself into failure? We all have those moments. I was looking at area job listings this morning and saw a position that would be fun and challenging. I moved the mouse to apply, and a little voice inside my head said – “you can’t apply, you don’t meet all the qualification”. The little voice was right; I listened, and moved on down the list…

I let the little voice win, and now it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy…I can’t get that job…because I wouldn’t put myself out there and even try. Why didn’t I try? Why didn’t I let the employer make the decision that I was under qualified? Why did I force myself to fail? Don’t I know better than that? After all, I’m the one who wrote the blog about rehabilitation for killer phrases ( ) and here I am Can’t-ing myself into failure. What’s worse, here it is hours later and I’m still upset with myself.

It’s not always easy to follow your own instructions – and sometimes our fear of failure holds us back. Instead of telling myself I cannot do something, I should be telling myself that this is an opportunity to really put myself out there, stretch my limits, and see what happens. The worst thing that can happen is I don’t get the phone call for an interview, right? That’s not going to kill me…

Take a moment to comment and tell us about a chance you didn’t take or an opportunity you missed because you were too busy can’t-ing yourself. One comment will win a hard cover copy of the book: ”Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” by Amy Chua. (a fabulous book about being humbled)


  1. I have been can't-ing myself out of taking college classes. My friends are doing it with kids and working full-time. I have tons of reasons (excuses) not too. The worst thing that can happen to is I fail a class, thats not going to kill me... =P

    1. Natyxia! You are the winner of Amy Chua's book - please send me a private message/email with your mailing address and I'll get that in the mail to you tomorrow. Thank you for participating and sharing your story!

  2. Did you call the local college for more information on classes that fit your lifestyle? Today is your day Natyxia, make the most of it! You will only fail if you don't try!

  3. Sometimes it just helps to have someone believe in you - it's nice to have external a high school cheerleading team!

  4. PattySt - I was never a cheerleader and come to think of it, I was an athlete, but we never had cheerleaders for the swimteam - not an official cheer squad at least. We did have great family and friends cheering for us though. You're right - it makes all the difference in the world!

    Go PattySt Go - whatever your dream is, YOU can make it a reality!