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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lemons Love Sugar

Lemons Love Sugar and since I'm a lemon, i need a certain amount of sugar each day (and yes, I've always been corny). I found my sugar yesterday and today - three of my very close friends have been my biggest supporters as I start my own business. These three also know my weaknesses - I get so excited about things that I head off full steam ahead. I'm not afraid to make mistakes, but I really need people to help point them out. This happens particularly often when I write. I start thinking, my fingers start typing, and I end up with what I think is a pretty good product...but there are always typos, things that could be said more eloquently, etc...and for some reason, it's hard to see your own errors. I think it's because you are too 'close' to the work yourself. Professionally, there have always been people to check thinks over, do the editing, proof articles, etc...

Oddly enough, my three year old doesn't know that numbers 1-9 should be written out and he thinks everything I write is fabulous (but he also can't pronounce anything starting with the letter C or K). I guess I'm telling you that I make mistakes and I count on my readers and friends to point them out to me. You're doing me no favors if you let me look wouldn't let me leave the house with my skirt tucked in my nickers, would you?

Thank you to Mark, Michelle, and Cathy for being my Sugar today - I need you and appreciate you.

It's 15 degrees here today. so I'll be taking that sugar in my coffee and we will forego the lemonade for a few days - but you get the point.

May God bless your journey and provide you time to enjoy a class of lemonade along the way.


  1. Bearing one's lemon-y ups and downs into a blog is not easy yet your soul-bearing is flowing and self-effacing and courageous and sweet, despite the ever present "lemon" references. Paint that house, paint your toes, paint your life...all on your own time line. You may not hear all of the cheering for you, but they are there, nonetheless. It is all about faith...

  2. Thanks Whixer - I appreciate your words of encouragement and your perspective. Your words were the sugar I needed today; thank you!