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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Go Fly a Yellow Kite

Go Fly a Yellow Kite!

Of course a yellow kite, the color of lemons, the color of change and opportunity! Go fly your yellow kite while wearing your yellow jacket and yellow cap.

In the words of Lauren Bacall: "Imagination is the highest kite one can fly." So yes - go fly that kite and let your imagination soar, let your dreams be your guide and don't let anything stand in your way!

If you never fly that kite, you'll never know what might have been and you'll find yourself wondering who you might be if you had only taken a chance.

Sounds like a great idea in theory, right? If you aren't quite sure where to begin, start by letting your imagination run wild. Some of these sentence starters may help if your imagination hasn't been tapped for a while:

-If I had all the money in the world, I would:______________________________ (ie: travel to Africa to help the poor)

-If I could have any job, I would want to work for:_______________ doing:___________________ (ie: Starbucks in the marketing department)

-I dream of living in:__________________________________ (ie: Switzerland, a 3,500 square foot bungalo, etc...)

Now, you probably have a better idea of where your imagination would like you to be. It's time to do your homework. Let's use the travel to Africa idea...

You may not have enough money to quit your job, sell your home, and move to Africa, but you certainly can travel to Africa and do your part to help. Sit down at your computer or go to your local library and found out about all the not for profit organizations that are active in Africa. Find out what sorts of assistance they need. You may be in a position to donate a small amount each month to help a child, or you could help at the local level accepting donations and putting together care packages, and then next year you could volunteer as a missionary to go to Africa for a week, then the next year, two weeks, etc...

If your dream house is in Switzerland, find out how much a modest home is and start saving. You'll find it easier to save if you have a vision of what is to come. You may find yourself visiting Switzerland each year building relationships with the folks in the village you wish to retire in, and once you've retired, you will have hopefully saved up enough to move there or spend at least part of the year living your dream.

It's way to easy to say: "it can't be done"...know what you want, learn what you need to do to accomplish your dreams, and then go for it! Falling down half-way through the race is a lot better than not even showing up on race day.

Now get out there with those lemons, sugar, and sunshine and let your imagination run wild!


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