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Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was driving today, and listening to John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, and other successful leaders. At first I was dreading the two hour drive (for an interview), but I really ended up enjoying myself. John Maxwell is a great speaker and leader as well as an amazing author - he wrote a book called "Failing Forward" and I am looking forward to his webinar this evening. Where am I going with this? I guess my feeling of being a lemon/failure is nothig new. It's great to know that others have failed and recovered. John Maxwell says that one of the most important jobs we have is to add value to our own lives and the lives of others. During an interesting turn of events today, I found out that I positively impacted the life of someone I don't know very well at all.

I interviewed for a position with an international company (who will remain nameless for now) and the first individual I interviewed with quit his job within days of our meeting and interview. I was shocked! He's been with this company for 11 years and spoke to highly about his team, his position, and his tenure. Today was my 4th interview with the company and I learned that something I said is what got the ball rolling for the first individual. I mentioned how grateful I was that I had been terminated. I explained that it gave me an opportunity to refocus and make sure that I was living my life as I intended: Faith First, Family Second, and Work to Live vs Living to Work.

After our interview, he came to the realization that he was putting his career first. He vowed to make a positive change in his life that will allow him to be the family man he wants to be...he quit his job. WOW! Here I am feeling like a failure as a leader, and yet I am leading...I am humbled...

Not sure where things are going with my career. 2 Interviews already this week - I am honored to be considered for some very interesting positions. Another interview tomorrow morning, and I'm still toying with starting my own business.

A possible company name and tagline came through my mind as I was driving today - what do you think?

Dream Sweet - making YOUR entrepreneurial dreams a reality (doing what needs to be done so your dreams are always sweet)

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