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Monday, March 12, 2012

Do Lemons Ache?

This lemon is achy - yikes! The Relax Consulting ( office is painted. I forget the exact name of the color, but it's grape and I like it. Not sure others will be as enthused, but I find it calming and yet inspiring/invigorating at the same time. The living room of our house is also freshly painted. The living room is 'spiced vinegar' and it is a huge improvement over the white. The new color brings out the natural woodwork, stained glass, and historical built-ins. Back to the point though - I have a lemony back ache and my legs are wobbly. If all goes well today, I'll be soaking in the hot tub by dusk, enjoying a glass of wine.

I'll give you a quick replay of the weekend (for those of you who were wondering): The birthday party on Friday night could have gone better, but the children had fun. Carmen loved her presents, and her favorite part was seeing her grandma Liz - when Liz showed up, Carmen dropped everything to 'snuggle'...gotta love that! Saturday was family swimming at the YMCA, church Sunday...and then, as you know...painting.

Nothing too exciting. This week is appointments, back to that business plan, and still looking for a job. I figure a girl should never be idle - as my Grammy always said: "idle hands are the devils playground". Before I forget - if you have a Facebook page, take a moment to "like" the Relax Consulting page - 100 likes and we raffle off a relaxation gift basket valued at nearly $100 from MaryKay Cosmetics:

On that note - have a lovely day all, and keep making that lemonade!

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