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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why THIS Lemon?

Why does THIS Lemon think she's onto something with her own business? My perspective on things is different than most people. You'll find I ask a lot of questions and I like to think in the context of "now what?" "how can we solve that?" instead of: "something is wrong here". My philosophy on the world is that everyone is good and should be trusted until they give you a reason not to trust them. My Lemonade philosophy boils down to believing that anything is within reach and forcing that voice inside your head to tell you positive things. I've fallen down, risen up, fallen down personal path has not been at all perfect. After all, you need a BIG LEMON to make a big refreshing glass of oh so sweet lemonade. If life had never been bitter, how would I know to appreciate the sweet moments? I am the founder of Lemonade Lessons and win or fail, this path in life is mine. I surround myself with others whose life goal is to help others and partner with other professionals to form a support group of successful positive leaders. I've grown other people's companies and plan to use the same positive attitude to grow Relax Consulting and spread the word about the Lemon Philosophy through Lemon Lessons. There are those who will join me, those who will jeer, but in the end I'll have smiled, laughed, and loved - this will be my legacy!

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