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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Product Review - Cowmooflage Infant Car Seat by Britax

Overall, I give the Cowmooflage Infant Car Seat by Britax 4.75 stars. I think it's best to give a breakdown of pros and cons to help explain my rating:

Easy to install (there's a leveler and the instructions are very easy to follow)

Very well built - steel reinforced seat feels high quality and there's not doubt your little prince or princess will be safe

Attractive - love the different prints available by Britax - and the Cowmooflage fit is so well (we are dairy farmers)

Fabulous snug fit - even a tiny baby will fit safe and secure in this car seat. There is lots of padding

Easy to take apart and clean - no car seat is simple to take apart, but I would say this one is easy enough. I didn't break a sweat or cuss at all and the colors didn't bleed or fade during laundering

Odd sized - this particular car seat doesn't fit well in shopping carts...most of the time I did my grocery shopping with 2 carts because the base of this seat didn't fit in the carrier part of the cart and had to sit where I would usually put groceries

Heavy - I LOVE the solid construction, but as my baby became nearly impossible to carry the car seat gracefully.

**We did not get in any accidents while our little prince was in the vehicle using this car seat, but I did have a few close calls and always felt very safe knowing our littlest guy was safe in his Britax Cowmooflage Infant Car Seat

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I did NOT receive any reimbursement from Britax for this review - the opinions are solely my own.

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