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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Living Well with Bipolar Disorder by Tara Meissner and Book Giveaway

Tara Meissner stops by to chat as part of her WOW! Women on Writing Book Blog Tour. Tara shares her thoughts on "Bipolar and Living Well" and offers readers an opportunity to win a copy of her memoir through a giveaway. Don't miss your chance to hear from Tara and take home a copy of Stress Fracture: a Memoir of Psychosis.

Living Well with Bipolar Disorder by Tara Meissner

People have asked me to write about my daily struggles for living with bipolar disorder. Really, honestly, there are not daily struggles.
Even before I was on an effective treatment program, there were not daily struggles. I think that is part of what is misunderstood about bipolar disorder. Yes there are high moods, mania, and low moods, depression.
However, there is a lot of time spent in a normal mood, not elevated or depressed. I think that is why it is easy to deny the disease exists at all.

For me, living well, means doing what I can to avoid break-through symptoms of the disorder. I know my triggers, which include taking on too many projects, not getting enough alone time, not getting enough sleep, drinking alcohol, too much caffeine, and the weather. While, I cannot control the weather, most of the rest of the list can be controlled. Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable to over schedule.
I also have the real benefit of a support system, mainly family and friends. These champions of my health provide comfort, understanding, encouragement, and acceptance of who I am.

Another tangible thing is health insurance and access to quality medical care and prescriptions. The story, presented in "Stress Fracture: A Memoir of Psychosis" ends in 2011. However, the disease persists and will never be cured, only managed. Sadly, too many people do not have access to health care. Since treatment is able to help up to 90 percent of bipolar patients live mostly symptom free, I believe each person should have access to that care. The cost of untreated mental illness is far greater than the cost of a health-care system that allows each person to achieve full health. (Okay, stepping off the soapbox.)

It is possible to live well, only by accepting the limitations of the disease and the need for treatment. It is easy to get tricked by those prolonged periods of stable mood and think the manic or depressed modes were a fluke and will not return. However, the symptoms of the disease can erupt at any time disturbing normal life. This carries consequences that impact far beyond the person afflicted.

I no longer try to do it all. My family is my first priority and I am able to fit my career second. Now that my youngest is in school full-time and my oldest is driving, I am able to work about thirty hours a week, ten of those are at the library and the balance is from home. At home, I have the luxury of following my passion, which is writing. I make time for for what I most enjoy vocationally, which is the key to living well.
When I sign my books, I write "Live Well" above my name. That is really my message with the book and it is for everyone, regardless of their health diagnosis or lack of ailments. Living well is an approach to life. Spend time with yourself, know what brings you joy, and make those things a priority.

Book Summary:

Stress Fracture: A Memoir of Psychosis is a moving and honest psychology memoir about the things that break us and how we heal. It offers a raw view a 33-year-old wife and mother swallowed by psychosis. The psychotic episode includes meeting Jesus Christ, dancing with Ellen DeGeneres, and narrowly escaping eternity in the underworld.
Casually called a nervous breakdown, psychosis is an entrapment outside of self where hallucinations and delusions anchor. Family, doctors, and fellow patients witnessed a nonverbal, confused, distraught shell of a woman. In the security of a psychiatric care center, the week-long psychosis broke and spit out a bipolar patient in the cushioned place of middle class medicine.
Outpatient recovery consumed the better part of a year with psychiatric treatment and spiritual contemplation. Left scarred and damaged, health returned allowing her to tentatively embrace a grace and peace earned through acceptance of bipolar disorder.

Paperback: 224Pages
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Tara Meissner (June 23, 2014)
ASIN: B00L8G6C66

Twitter hashtag: #SFracMeissner

Stress Fracture: A Memoir of Psychosis is available as an e-book and paperback at Amazon. And locally at LaDeDa Books and Beans where there will be a book signing and meet and greet with Tara on October 25th - check the facebook event for more details:

About the Author: Tara Meissner is a former journalist and a lifelong creative writer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and works part-time at her local library. Tara lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Mike, and their three sons. She writes longhand in composition notebooks. Stress Fracture: A Memoir of Psychosis is her first book. th grew up writing short stories and bad poetry before escaping the cold winters of Wyoming and settling in the Sonoran Desert. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband and two children, Abigail (11) and Gabriel (6). She still loves to write, but fortunately gave up on poetry.





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