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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cough Drop Recipe

We've tried making cough drops in the past and they didn't turn out. My candy thermometer had broken and like any project, if you don't have the right tools, you'll end up with a mess.

This is a pretty simple process, but you'll need:

a candy thermometer
a wooden spoon
A saucepan
candy molds
2 cups of water
1/2 cup local honey
flavor oils
powdered sugar
wax paper
a covered container
a sink of hot soapy water ready for clean up

Once you've gathered those items, you can start:

1) combine the water, honey, and flavor oil in the saucepan and attach your candy thermometer to the side of the pan (some people use essential oils, some people use tea bags, elderberry syrup, etc...let's not get in a debate about this, YOU do YOU and I'll tell you that I really enjoy working with LorAnn flavoring oils and for a cough drop recipe I'll use cinnamon, but you can also make root beer barrels using the root beer flavor instead).

2) Using a medium to high heat, and stirring constantly with your wooden spoon, bring your mixture to 300 degrees which is called the hard crack temperature for making candies. (this takes approximately 1/2 hour at our house, but every stove and home is different)

3) After reaching hard crack, remove the mixture from the heat and place your candy thermometer in the sink of hot soapy water so it is easy to clean when you're done. Allow the mixture to cool until the bobbles and frothy matter on the top has disappeared. Stir it every few minutes and keep a close eye on it - there's a small window of time where it's ready to pour in the molds before it gets too hard to work with.

4) Once cooled a bit, go ahead and spoon the syrup into your silicone molds and then place your empty pan and wooden spoon in the hot soapy water.

5) Allow the candies to harden and cool on the kitchen counter - don't rush the process in the freezer - just wait the hour and let it happen (use that time to clean up the kitchen)

6) Remove candies from molds and coat in a bit of powdered sugar and then wrap individually in wax paper pieces you've cut into small 3x3""ish" squares.

7) Store in a covered container to keep from getting sticky

8) Enjoy! Share with a friend!


May Your Paths Be Abundantly Filled With Lemons, Sugar, Sunshine, and Shareable Moments with Friends!!

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