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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

My Journey to Health and Wellness

WOW! Where to begin...

August 11th is my wedding anniversary. Last year, like every year, I put on my wedding dress. It still fit. I should have been pleased as I was 42 years old and have birthed and nourished 6 lovely children with my strong body. But...I looked in the mirror and felt I owed it to myself and my children to get healthy. I imagined myself at age 60 when our youngest will graduate highschool. I was nearly 300 pounds and wondered if my knees would need to be replaced. They didn't bother me, but several of my classmates had already undergone knee replacement surgeries and it only seemed logical that losing weight would help me avoid some serious health complications. I also knew my husband found me attractive, but I guess I wanted to have less of a "mom bod" and more of a "hot bod" like some of the younger parents of school age children. That was the first time I had really entertained getting healthy. I started wondering if maybe I could do bariatric surgery or something because I felt pretty active and I guess I started tossing options around in my head. Googling different types of weight loss when I had a few spare moments.

My friend Dori had invited me to a Facebook group months back when she lost 40lbs and I hadn't paid much attention to the group notifications, but one afternoon I was loading tractors for manure hauling and I had some time and took a look. There were real people talking about their own health and wellness journeys and the photos were inspiring. I started checking out the group on a regular basis and I started eating better and walking more. I was doing well on my own, but I wanted to do better. I wanted what these other people had! I wanted my flat tummy back. I wanted to wear my old belts and western belt buckles. I wanted to ride my horses and not be self-conscious. I wanted to make love to my husband with the lights on. I wanted to wear shorts with confidence. I wanted to ride my bike without feeling exhausted.

It took a while for my pocket book to line up with my desires and in the beginning of October I called Dori. I realized I could actually save money by eating healthier and I made my first purchase with Xyngular. I purchased a modified version of the Ignite Kit because I was still breastfeeding, and I talked to my friends and family about my decision. I explained I was going low-carb and I needed their help. I needed them to invite me for tea or coffee but exclude me from trips to the doughnut shop. I needed them to take walks with me instead of going for a pasta lunch. Everyone was supportive though I imagine they were skeptical. Afterall, I was the lady who bakes the cookies and bread as a side would I possibly make delicious things for my friends and family without eating them? No one said they had doubts, but I'm sure they did. If I'm being honest, I had my own doubts. As much as I disliked the lifestyle that got me to nearly 300lbs, I secretly loved so many parts of it. I needed to switch my thinking from "I live to eat" to "I eat to live".

I did an 8 day Jump Start as soon as my supplements arrived. The weight fell off and I was able to eat
real foods. Even my children enjoyed many of the same foods I was able to eat. All of a sudden I was able to walk a bit further and I felt better. More weight came off. By Christmas time, I was noticeable smaller and had purchased some new outfits. People were noticing and it felt so good. I made it through the holidays with only losing a few pounds, but I was happy I had not gained. I did another 8 Day Jump Start to kick of the new year and lost 11 pounds. My average steps each day had increased from 5,000 to 16,000 and I noticed a change in not only my looks and my attitude, but that of my family as well.

By this time, I had finished breastfeeding and had purchased the Ultimate Kit (you only purchase the kit once, and then after that you just replace what you've run out of) and I was taking not only the weight loss supplements but also the wellness supplements for better sleep and overall health. I was spending about $200 each month on Xyngular and still figure I was saving. I wasn't going to restaurants or grabbing convenience food or Starbucks coffee anymore. Life was very good all around.

We were eating salads regularly, and my children were grabbing carrots or celery instead of chips or crackers for a snack. I felt like a better person and a better mom. It happened without us really talking about it or planning it. We were transforming. My girls were doing dance exercise videos with me for fun. We were walking and hiking together to relax and explore. We were all getting healthier and feeling better. I didn't feel like I was dieting. I felt like I had a new lifestyle and I was simply embracing it. I wasn't crabby, edgy, or short with people. I was just the same old Crystal - just improved! People would ask what I was doing, but I wasn't ready to talk about Xyngular and here's why:

I wasn't ashamed, 
but I didn't want to endorse something 
until I was sure it worked!

I went along taking the supplements, drinking the shakes, etc... (here's what a typical day looked like as far as food consumption):

6:30AM.....8oz Of water πŸ’§

7:00AM......1 scoop Lean Shake Mix w/8oz Water.
2 Axion, 3 Advanced Omegas, 1oz Global Blend (1 capful) it’s delicious alone or put it in your shake!

10:00....2 boiled eggs πŸ’¦WATERπŸ’¦
1 Xyng

11:30 1-2 Cheat

12:00PM......4 to 6oz Lean protein & 2 cups (or more if wanted) veggies....I love a big ol salad with grilled chicken or turkey. Your grocer likely has salad dressings you can use....Walden Farms or Skinny Girl....or you can do what I do & use Balsamic Vinegar!! I LOVE it. Enjoy a Trimstix in 16 to 20oz of water (to taste)

3:00PM....4 or 5 deli turkey slices or a handful of roasted almonds. Take your Accelerate now if you’re younger, or wait til bedtime if you’re over 40....same time every day‼️ πŸ’¦WATERπŸ’¦

6:00PM.....4 to 6ozs Of lean protein & 2 (or more) cups veggies....I might have grilled flank steak & some steamed broccoli or Brussels that I've baked with garlic & Parmesan.
1 Probiotix & 1 Xr2
πŸ˜‹ πŸ’¦WATERπŸ’¦

Before bed, 1-2 Flush with a warm drink. If you find you’re having any trouble πŸ’©πŸ’© try a nice cup Smooth Move Herbal Tea before you hit the hay.πŸ˜‰

In April, we were struggling financially and a few things were going through my head. I was thinking "maybe I can just go off the system and lose the rest of the weight on my own - because I really can't afford this" and on the flip side, I was thinking "maybe I could become a distributor and earn enough money to cover my monthly order"...after all, I had referred quite a few people by this time, and I know Dori was making money off my friends and yet they were still coming to me asking questions and wanting to talk about the plan. May rolled around and I was still mulling over how I was going to proceed - I was still losing weight and had even purchased a 2-piece swimsuit for the upcoming swimming season on Wisconsin.

I stopped taking my Xyngular...I stopped for 6 weeks to kind of accomplish a few things:

I needed to save a little money because of some unexpected horse and children expenses

I needed to know I could someday go off the supplements without gaining the weight back. I didn't want to be on a "diet" for the rest of my life. I needed to know in my head I had indeed made a lifestyle change.

I gained no weight. I had lost 83lbs and went from a size 24 to a size 12 and now I knew I wasn't going to gain it back. I wanted more of this though...I placed another order because I ultimately want a healthy BMI which means my long term goal had always been 154lbs. I received my kit and did another 8 Day Jump Start. I got down to 207lbs and had the energy of someone 1/2 my age. I picked up a bottle of Vodka (to make homemade vanilla) and I was carded. 42 years old and someone wasn't sure if I was of legal drinking age. My teenage daughter was telling me she liked my outfits. I was on top of the world!

The beginning of June was pretty bleak in the farming world, I needed to make a choice. The monthly amount (roughly $200) with Xyngular may have been a savings from my old lifestyle, but when your household income doesn't cover the utility bills, that $200 seems like a small fortune. I became a distributor with Xyngular in the middle of June. By the end of June, I had signed up 16 of my friends and family to join me and they were excited to do so. I was getting text messages like this:

"you are such an inspiration"

"if you can do it, I know I can too"

"I'm glad you finally let me in on your secret"

Because of this amazing support, I quickly moved up the ranks to become a Xyngular Manager earning a special necklace and making enough to pay for my supplements and some groceries! I didn't feel like I was selling something because a healthy lifestyle sells itself! Results like this make people want to join me!

I don't know what the future will bring, but I know I am going to hit my goal of 154lbs before next summer, and I know plenty of my friends will be right along with me sporting healthier minds and bodies next summer!

So - there you go - this blog post will hopefully answer many of the questions people have been asking! I plan on taking all the supplements shown in the Ultimate Kit until I have hit my goal and maintained it for 6 months. At that time, I will continue taking the health supplements and will discontinue the weight loss supplements. This is my long term plan for sustaining my healthy lifestyle. I am confident I can do it and YOU can do it too! I don't think this is the ONLY weight loss program out there - it's just the only one that has worked for me! In fact, I have dear friends I love and admire who coach for other plans - so you won't catch me bad-mouthing anyone or any plan that helps people achieve their goals!

I know what you're thinking...

❌ I CAN’T drink water (YES you can πŸ˜‰)
❌ It’s been 2’s not working (I’m sorry...did you get unhealthy in 2 days? It WILL work!πŸ‘)
❌ I forgot (If health is your priority, you won’t forget)😳
❌ It’s hard! (it’s harder to be unhealthy & pay for the medical risks...CHOOSE YOUR HARD) 😬
❌ I’m busy - trust me! (we all are...we all have 24 hours in a day...again...make YOURSELF a priority)πŸ™Œ
❌ I can’t afford it ( much have you spent on junk food, coffee, soda, energy drinks, restaurants, weekend getaways, doctor bills, etc... this month?)πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²

πŸ“£These are some of the reasons/excuses I have made myself in the past. πŸ™„ It’s not magic causing overnight success or anything else - you’ve got to put effort into yourself.

If you’re ready to make some changes, let's talk!!!!

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