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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

You Decide!


As most of you know - we have a big family. Every big family starts small and back when we were just a family of 3, I went with some friends to pick up their new dog. I had never been to a puppy breeder, but I guess thinking back, this was probably a puppy mill. There were puppies everywhere and it smelled funky. The elderly gentleman seemed to know who belonged to what and had papers to go with mot of the pups. While my friends finalized their deal, my 2 year old daughter managed to find the runt of the litter. I think that's an incredibly difficult thing to do when you're talking teacup chihuahuas as they are all very small. Regardless, the elderly man stopped to chat and of course offered me a phenomenal discount on the pup since he didn't have papers and she was so very small. 

I said I would consider it. I remember him clearly turning to me and saying I should think long and hard about adopting (or is it considered buying if you're at a puppy mill?) a chihuahua since My daughter was only 2 and they aren't known for being good with children.

I've gotten better at telling my children no. That may not be an accurate statement.

This dog makes me absolutely pull my hair out on a daily basis. I wish I had litter trained her (think teeny tiny dog even tinier bladder). She whines loudly for table food as if her bowl wasn't full of delectable doggy food. She can no longer see, hear, or smell the way she should be able to, and as soon as you let her outside she wants inside and once inside she'll ask to go out every half hour. 


Let me tell you. That breeder couldn't have been more wrong. this 4 pound puppy has never nipped or bitten a child. She lets children pet her, carry her around, dress her up like a doll, and she was irreplaceable when we had children in highchairs. She's more effective than any shop vac you can buy at Menards! 6 kids have loved and adored this little pup. I have no idea how long she'll be with us, but I'm sure glad she's here!!


The moral of the story is that I'm glad I decided for myself that getting a chihuahua would be a good idea. Doesn't matter if it's a new house, different job, bigger car, how many kids to have, who to marry, or what the choices are - you can't go wrong by deciding for yourself. I believe in you!



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