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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Upcoming WOW! Blog Tour - Reserve Your Copy Today! The Eternity Knot (Part of the Celtic Magic Series) by HR Conklin


WOW! Women on Writing Presents


The Eternity Knot

(Part of the Celtic Magic Series)


By H R Conklin


Tour Begins July 19th


Book Summary:


Mairi has been shown the future and knows humans must change their ways. Continuing on their path of disconnect with Nature will cause the destruction of human life. Tasked by the Seelie Fae to save the human world, Mairi and friends seek out ancient wisdom in the stories of old. The Queen of the Unseelie Fae decides humans have to prove themselves worthy of the Earthly Realm, or die trying. Dark magic makes Mairi push harder to find the answers she needs, but the Undersea Faerie Queen is weighing in and Mairi is uncertain whose side she is on. When young people representing cultures from all of the continents share their knowledge, Mairi finally feels the seeds of hope. Deadly faerie magic is working against humanity, but humans and faeries are working together like never before. As humans begin seeing the earth through ancient views, they are waking up to their dormant powers. Now Mairi must put all the pieces together before time runs out for human life on Earth, and for once she's starting to feel worthy of the task. Join Mairi and friends in this exciting conclusion to the Celtic Magic series.


This book is perfect for:

tweens, teens and adults of all ages who enjoy a modern take on myths and fairy tales!


The Celtic Magic series is a unique tale connecting modern day California to the Scotland of centuries ago. Join Mairi during a life-changing year in this eco-heroine's journey, following the Celtic wheel of pagan holidays through the seasons and time as she meets druids, witches, and faeries of both Light and Dark. Discover what role mythic stories play in saving the Earth from imminent destruction, and what happens when the world is inclusive of all people. This series includes The Trinity Knot, The Witch's Knot, The Faerie Knot, and finishes in book 4, The Eternity Knot, this summer.


You’ve heard about it in the Enchanted Living magazine Spring, 2021 issue. You’ve tuned into the podcast, and heard about it on Hot Mess to Awesomeness,



now it’s YOUR turn to get your hands on this delightful tale!






We have e-book copies available now with print copies in a few weeks. And for those of you looking for a guest post – there’s a few of those to choose from too:


·        Symbolism in fairy tales


·        Women's Circles


·        Eco heroines


·        Parenting


·        Storytelling with parents


H R says: ...I'm open to brainstorming


So….if you have any ideas for a different guest post topic, let us know!


Find out more on her website:

About the Author:

H. R. Conklin grew up in the rural mountains of Northern California where her mother gardened and her father played the bagpipes, as well as spending long hours in the theater where her parents were a dancer and an actor. This undoubtedly led to her overactive imagination and love for nature. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband, two adult children, and three dogs. She used to teach kindergarten at a public Waldorf charter school in which she told many fairy tales to the children, and made up stories in her spare time. Now she is a Story Circle Leader and guides parents in homeschooling at a private Waldorf school.


If you'd like to participate in this tour - I can get you the PDF SOON! Please fill out the google form below:


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