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Thursday, February 23, 2012

H20 + Cucumber + Lemon = Refreshing!

I'll be honest with you - coming up with the blog title is more difficult than one might think. The truth is, I'm feeling very refreshed today. A plan is in my head and is coming together. I also sliced up a cucumber and a lemon and tossed it in my pitcher of water which seems to match my optimistic and refreshed mood today. (and if you must know, I am drinking this delicious beverage out of a wine glass...just to keep the neighbors wondeing)

You want to know what the plan is, right? Am I going to pursue the bank job? the credit union? the hospital? the sales/marketing job? What about MaryKay? Each has it's pros and cons. I want to use the skills I have, and I don't want to compromise ANYTHING (for more on that topic, might I recommend you pick up a copy of "Bury my Heart at Conference Room B" by Stan Slap. His book will help you align things and come to the reality that the YOU at home, is the same YOU that makes you successful away from home.) But that's Stan's 'bag' - he's the expert...and a great guy might I add.

So, skills...presenting, writing, researching, process improvement, training/development, compliance, and let's not forget organization. These skills could be applied many different ways (or so I was told when I took the WOW survey - World of Work). Ultimately, I have the personality and talents to be a Director of Operations. This makes me go hmmmm....since that was the position I was terminated from. There's one sure fire way to make sure I will never be terminated again - mystery solved - I'll be my own boss.

I can work from home and eventually turn my hom into an office (120 year old Victorian so close to Lake Michigan that you can hear the waves most any time of day). I can hire my friends and have as much fun as I want! The yard will make a great coffee garden, and the music room can be converted to a conference room. That's all good and well, but what services can I we offer and to whom? The latest craze? Virtual Assistants (google it, I didn't make it up). That's it - but I don't want to be just a virtual assistant, how about virtual executives? Dedicated Virtual Professionals Network? What an idea!

Now dear reader - we may look back at his epiphany as the beginning of the end - OR - we may look back and talk about what a genious I am. Either way, I think there will be a wine glass on my desk filled with cucumber/lemon water. The real question is, will there be any money in the bank? Only time will tell.

Ta Ta For Now Dear Reader - thank YOU for your support!

Success is a State of Mind - do you live in that state or are you still dreaming of vacationing there? The future is up to you!

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