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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The 'skinny' on Book Blog Tours


This is an email I just sent out to an author who approached me about doing a blog tour with WOW! 

Keep in mind, there are lots of different options to choose from, but this particular author is a friend of a friend and already had an idea that he wanted to do a tour just like his friend had done. So here's the 'skinny' on what I explained to him:


 Thanks for your patience - the tour David had was the WOW! Women on Writing $350 Basic Book Blog Tour which is what I would recommend to most folks. 

Let me just quick outline briefly what that tour includes: 

A launch day interview on The Muffin (The WOW! blog) - here's David's:

10-15 "stops" (during a month long tour) along the blog tour at various blogs - check out David's launch day post and if you scroll down, you'll see the blog tour calendar. The stops are a mix of reviews, interviews, author spotlights, and some guest blog posts. 

Each of the reviewers is asked to post their review on social media as well as Amazon and/or Goodreads 

 So - that's the 'skinny' on things.

Email me anytime:  but I'd also like to outline the steps once you decide if you want to do the tour. 

 1) Send me a copy of your book  

2) Pick a date 6 weeks or more into the future to "launch" your tour 

3) Pay your WOW! Invoice (we generate that via paypal once you choose a date) 

4) Come up with 5-6 guest blog topics you'd like to write 300-350 words about. Bloggers will chose one of your titles if they're so inclined - so make the titles catchy (they can be writerly or otherwise - whatever you'd like) 

5) Provide me with your book summary, author bio, head shot .jpg and book cover .jpg as well as the pdf version of Blind Spot 

6) Sit back while I send out pitch information to bloggers - I'll be busy filling your tour 

7) Answer your interview questions from me for our launch day post (I will send these to you once I'm done reading) 

8) Take a look at your tentative blog tour calendar (I'll send you an excel spreadsheet with proposed dates and any other housekeeping) and approve everything so we are on the same page 

9) Send out physical book copies as requested by bloggers/reviewers 

10) Email your guest posts out as requested by bloggers 

11) - This is a me thing - but you'll receive a copy of an email I send to bloggers called a media kit and calendar; and this email will remind everyone to post their reviews on social media and such, but it is also a reminder to you that you should stop by each blog tour stop and comment as well as sharing the stop on your own social media 

12) Enjoy the tour - interact with bloggers etc... 

13) Send our copies of Blind Spot to anyone who won a copy as part of your tour 

 That's about it - I don't think I missed anything. Even if you decide not to do a tour, feel free to send me a copy of your book and I'll read and review it on my personal blog: Hope this helps and thanks for reaching out! Hugs, ~Crystal

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