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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tell 'Em - New Book By Liysa Callsen

Below is my book review of Tell 'Em by Liysa Callsen - enjoy! If you can help fund the project, there is a link at the top and bottom of the article - donations of any amount are accepted and I know Liysa will appreciate them!

Tell'em by Liysa Callsen is a soulful sharing of one woman's journey in finding herself and her purpose. Callsen pours her soul out to her readers, sharing both triumphs and tribulations. Tell'em is entertaining at times, but at others you just want to grab Liysa and hug her because the imagery is so strong. You feel the pain of the child who is being teased, the child who wants so badly to belong and has no one to turn to because her instinct is to protect the family she loves. She is victim and hero and it's her turn to tell her story!
Tell'em brings to light a world most of us have not had the pleasure to experience - the Deaf world. Callsen entertains, educates, and engages readers by drawing them into a lifetime of situations. From a fight on the playground to secondary education choices, weddings and family vacations. Callsen paints a picture of a life different from most, but yet so similar that the reader feels as if they have just had coffee with a dear friend.
As Liysa goes from child to wife and mother, readers are introduced to those who helped mold her character. The characters are described in such a way that readers can immediately envision them. The loving father who is set in his ways, the younger brother who is independent and self-absorbed, the loving mother who wants a better life for her daughter, and the main character - Callsen herself, a young woman trying to find her way in the world while balancing cautiously between two cultures.
As the story unfolds the writing style and narrative voice becomes stronger and more self-assured. Liysa isn't just sharing her journey in Tell'em, she is bringing readers along on that journey of self-discovery. Readers will find themselves cheering her on as reader and author are forever changed. Less judgmental, more accepting of others, and more likely to share what's on their mind.
Callsen may be a new author, but she brings a lifetime of experience to her tale. She allows the reader to understand the dynamics of growing up in a home with deaf parents. The story is very educational and answers many questions that you may not have felt comfortable asking. She explains things so eloquently and patiently. She writes like she speaks - with her whole self - openly, honestly, and bravely as she shares her story and her soul with the world.
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