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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saving Some Corn for Winter - Cream Corn Recipe

Who doesn't love the taste of fresh corn on the cob?
Here at our house, the problem is the season is short and the corn goes really quickly!
We found a solution - and that's to buy lots of extra sweet corn while it's in season and then freeze it so we can enjoy it throughout the winter! This is also a great recipe for kids or those who for whatever reason have a hard time managing to eat the corn off the cob.

You'll need:

3 dozen ears of sweet corn
1 pint of half n half
1 lb of butter (salted or unsalted)
2 T salt (less if you are watching your sodium)
3T sugar

1) remove the kernels from the cob (do this however you feel comfortable, but at our house we use an electric knife and it goes quickly, but they do make special tools just for this purpose and that's fine too)

2) remove the starch from the cobs but taking a small knife and working your way down the cob to get any leftover kernels and you'll see the starch coming off too

3) place kernels and starch into a large aluminum disposable roasting pan

4) preheat your oven to 325F

5) Add remaining ingredients and mix well

6) cover tightly using aluminum foil

7) Bake for 90 minutes

8) Check that corn is tender and delicious; if not....cook longer (start with 10 minutes, then check again and repeat until desired softness and flavor)

9) Allow to cool

10) Place in freezer containers and label/date then throw in the chest freezer to enjoy during those cold winter months - ENJOY!

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