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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tess Fallier Reviews "Risen" by Eric Trant

Review by Tess Fallier

As I first started reading Risen by Eric Trant, I struggled to get pulled into the story. I didn’t really understand what was going on and a lot of it takes place in dark sulfur mines with characters not yet familiar to the reader. I stuck with it and as the story continued, it started going back to the characters life before they went to work in the mines, and slowly their story unfolds. About a third of the way into the book, I became very curious as to how everything was going to fall together, and by the end of it I was fully engrossed into the lives of the two brothers that are the main characters of the book, Alberto and Paulo. There is a religious element to the story, but it brings the religion to life and becomes a key part of the story. While I feel that the start of the book could have maybe done a better job of easing the reader into the story, it was definitely a great story of struggle, social class, family, and faith that eventually sucked me in. This book would do fine as a standalone story, but I find myself wanting to know what happens as their story continues and if a sequel is ever released, I will most definitely want to read it!

About the Book:

Risen takes readers into a hellish world where none escape!

Haunted by visions of a demonic angel and sold into servitude by his father, young Alberto battles to survive the horrors of a nineteenth century Sicilian sulfur mine.

Suffering merciless brutality, Alberto must save not only himself but his deformed older brother, both pawns in their father’s mad plan to overthrow a group of wealthy landowners.

Bound by a death-debt to his hunchback master, Alberto discovers a door the miners call Porta dell’Inferno, the Door to Hell, deep within the sulfur mines. When he learns the demon-angel of his dreams stalks the caverns beyond the door, Alberto realizes a strange fate has lured him and his brother to the gates leading to the underworld.

Now Alberto must face the creature from his visions and rise to become the man his father demands him to be, or remain forever trapped in a hellish world where none escape.

Print Length: 182 Pages
Genre: Historical Supernatural Fiction
Publisher: WiDo Publishing (August 15, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1937178919
ISBN-13: 978-1937178918

Risen is available in ebook and in print at Amazon.

About the Author:

Eric resides in Dallas, TX with his wife and children, where he writes and manages his own business. His writing combines literary characterization with supernatural elements, all the while engaging the reader's senses with constant movement and vivid settings. His books are designed to be one-sitters, meaning they can and should be read in one (or a few) sittings, owing to the fast-paced nature of the writing.

You can visit Eric at, or see his blog at

About Today's Reviewer:

Tess is an office manager and service advisor at an auto repair business in Sheboygan. She lives in Manitowoc with her fiance'. Between them they have 6 kids, a dog, and a cat. They all stay very busy enjoying swimming, gaming, Pokemon Go, and all things nerdy.


  1. Tess, I appreciate the ~honest~ feedback. I tell my fellow authors that the best part of any review is the worst part of the review.

    See, anyone can slap you on the back and say, Well done! But only the more talented reviewers can slap you in the face and say, Well done!

    My editor does this. I say she has a knack for gentle jabs (I said this in my acks for Risen...).

    So I am thankful for the review, and appreciate the honest feedback.

    - Eric

    1. Any chance you plan to write a sequel? I really would love to know how their journey goes.

      ~ Tess

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