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Monday, June 11, 2012

Still Burning

Who doesn't like a little romance and scandal every now again a few pages of fiction to help us relax and step away from everyday life? I've said this to many people numerous times - it's important that your literary diet be as balanced as your nutritious diet and therefore, here is a short romantic saga filled with scandal - hopefully just what you're looking for on this lovely Monday afternoon (and if it's not what you're looking for - wait until tomorrow...when the blog may be about business, cancer, death, or something technical). Different strokes for different folks.


Still Burning

"I'm sorry baby" Thomas muttered as he walked past Layla. She just nodded her head. Things had certainly gotten out of control on the boat that morning but neither was to blame. She was putting some save on the tops of her feet and her knees. It hurt, but not too terribly. She thought to herself, if only my church friends knew...they wouldn't believe it any way. She was smiling with delight at the irony of it all. Church organist and business woman by day and yet, when Thomas asked, she obeyed and was anything but the good girl. He enjoyed her bad side and she enjoyed the scandal and intrigue of a life outside of the norm.

Layla was off to church and Thomas was off to do whatever it was that Thomas did while she was at church. Those promises of family time were empty and Layla pretended (for the most part) that his absence didn't bother her. She gave him a peck on the cheek and she was off. As she played the pedals on the organ, her stocking shifted with the quick movement and her toes burned with the rug burns from the night before. The discomfort wasn't enough to stop her and after service, she text Thomas asking him to meet her at the marina again:


He didn't respond to her text, but she headed there anyway. She knew it was unlikely that he would be at the office or the house on such a gorgeous day. He phone rang while she was driving. She checked the caller identification but it wasn't Thomas, so she didn't answer. She kept driving, with just one thing on her mind. She wanted her husband. She wanted him badly. She wanted to bring a smile to his face and she wanted his to fall back into love with her. She felt like she was losing him, and she kept thinking about ways she could make everything alright: If only I lost another ten pounds, if only I could get pregnant, if only I were more adventurous in bed, if only I were a better cook...

She shook those thoughts from her mind as she pulled into the marina. The sun felt amazing on her shoulders. She threw her hair back and smiled at the thought of what was to come. Thomas would be surprised and excited to see her and this might be the day when everything became alright again. She was hopeful.

Honey - are you down there? She asked sweetly as she stepped from the dock onto their boat. She heard a moan and she thought maybe Thomas had fallen asleep and she had roused him. She smiled, knowing that she would be doing more than just rousing him in a few moments. Her smile faded more quickly than it had come when she saw the red flip flops and the Coach handbag on the kitchen table. These items didn't belong to her sister in law, Tina. That much she knew for sure. She might as well open the door to the bedroom to find out who it was that was making Thomas moan. Part of her was curious and part of her wanted to run away and deny that any of this was possible. This sort of thing happened to other people, not to her...

Layla decided to walk away. Denial wasn't healthy, but ruining her marriage wasn't going to end well for her either. Thomas was affluent and powerful. She tiptoed carefully off of the boat and hurried down the dock. She called her friend Lisa, the travel agent, as she was driving home. She arranged for a week long get away at a spa in Colorado and sent Thomas a text letting him know that she had changed her mind about their rendezvous at the boat. She took a deep breath and coached herself into believing everything would be alright.

That night, she stepped into the hot tub at the hotel and realized that her feet and knees were still burning. Her tears finally fell fast and furious as she realized how betrayed she had been. Her head was reeling as she tried to understand "was he even thinking about me while we were doing those things?"...she tried to shake it off. She had refused to let their marriage be ruined, and this wasn't going to change that. At that moment, Steven stepped into the hot tub and introduced himself as he handed her a towel to dry her tears. Once those tears were gone, she realized that two could play at this game.

On that note dear readers - may your paths be abundantly filled with lemons, sugar, sunshine, and intrigue!


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