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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breccan's Birth Story - Part 2 (Godspeed Little Man)

Well - things didn't go exactly as I had planned when it came to Breccan's birth. Part of me wanted to pick a date and go in for an induction (yes, I'm a control freak ... I know this about myself) and part of me wanted to just wait. I didn't want my water to break at Fleet Farm or anything like that, but I didn't want to rush things either. Or did I? I was certainly conflicted ... especially when I learned that my husband had been taken 2 weeks early and was still a 10 lb baby. I certainly knew I did not want to go past my due date. Well, I went in for a regular weekly check up on Friday, September 20th and the Doctor on call asked me to come back later in the afternoon for a re-check. I had been dialated to 4 for weeks and I seemed to be further than that and since it was a Friday it made sense to know what we were up against before the weekend rolled around. At 4pm that Friday, the Doctor sent me to the hospital to be admitted.

Now I know I'm amazing, but my cervix is even more amazing...after walking the halls of the hospital, I un-dialated...what?? Anyway - at 11pm we headed to Taco Bell for dinner and then went home. I didn't do much all weekend. My father in law and husband decided I shouldn't be feeding calves or doing barn chores, so I baked cookies, and spent time indoors with the children. Monday morning I called my regular Doctor and he agreed I could come in for an induction. I would still be able to have my natural birth, but they would give me some pitosin to start labor. So - on Monday, September 23rd 2013 I drove to Holy Family Memorial Hospital in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and prepared to meet my son face to face.

I was fairly comfortable most of the day (they started the pitosin around 1pm) and at 7:45pm they broke my water. It didn't take long before I asked my husband to turn off the television. I was having a hard time concentrating on anything but the contractions. They were coming pretty quickly and I no longer felt like laughing. I was happy to have my husband, my sister in law, and our dear friend Olivia Brey of OH! Photography with me. We turned off the television and decided Michael Jackson was a decent artist to listen to during child birth.

At 9:23pm I asked the nurse how much longer she thought it might be before Breccan was born. She smiled and said "shouldn't be more than 2 hours" and I swallowed my pride asking for some pain medication. My Doctor was right outside the door and took that as his queue that it was time. Two pushes later and my little man entered the room and he was absolutely perfect!

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