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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gift of Time - A Daughter's Love - Guest Blog

The Gift of Time & a Daughter's Love

Today's Guest Blogger is Rebecca Markvart she is a special friend and an amazing woman who shared a great story about her mother as part of our mother's day blog challenge.

I truly believe that this is my mother's last mother's day here on earth. My mom is the strongest most beautiful woman I have ever met! Somehow I want to make her understand how special I think she is to me. She's been struggling to live for years now - somehow smiling through it all. Recently she has been put on hospice because she's dying from congestive heart failure along with many other health issues.

I will miss her tremendously but she deserves to be done being in so much pain. I will most likely be spending this mother's day at the nursing home trying to make her understand how special she is. I know everyone feels that their mother is the best, but knowing that we're not sure how long she has left on earth, this mother's day is most special. She needs to know just how strong, beautiful, and wonderful she is. Her beautiful smile will be remembered forever, and I will miss her until we meet again in Heaven. Until then, every day I am able to spend with her is such a precious gift!


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